Lakme’s Dynamic Marketing Strategies: How it Became the No. 1 Cosmetic Brand in India!

Since 1952, Lakme has been a trailblazer in the beauty and cosmetics industry, captivating millions of consumers with its innovative products and effective marketing strategies. Its sales revenue increased 19.3 per cent to Rs 328 crore in FY23.

Lakme’s marketing strategies have always been ahead of the curve, combining creativity and consumer insights to create powerful campaigns that resonate with its target audience. 

Lakme marketing strategies

Understanding Lakme’s target audience

By recognising the diverse beauty concerns and aspirations of its consumers, Lakme has been able to develop a wide range of products that address their specific needs. It has targeted young and upper and upper-middle-class customers who have enough disposable income and want to invest in their beauty.

The brand makes its products available across various price ranges allowing it to capture a larger market share and establish itself as a trusted beauty partner for women of all backgrounds.

Lakme’s brand positioning and unique selling proposition

Lakme consistently delivers products that are not only effective but also on-trend, setting new beauty standards. From its iconic range of lipsticks to its innovative skincare products available across 70 countries, Lakme has become synonymous with excellence in the beauty industry.

More than 300 Lakme brand items are used by professional hair artists in salons as well as individuals in the domestic and international markets. Its website has a virtual try-on feature that allows users to visualize and then buy products.

The brand also has its Lakme salon offering a show-stopping collection, runway rewards, bridal makeup look, special styling and grooming for their premium customers. It has also established teaching academies in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi offering training courses for people aspiring in the fashion industry.

Use of influencer collaborations in marketing strategies

The brand has collaborated with some of the most influential personalities in the fashion and beauty industry to create buzz around its products and reach a wider audience.

By tapping into the credibility and reach of these influencers, it is able to generate excitement and drive sales for its products. The brand also encourages user-generated content by collaborating with beauty enthusiasts, allowing consumers to become brand advocates and creating a sense of community around the brand.

Taking advantage of the passion and obsession Indian women had with Bollywood celebrities, they invited Rekha, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as the brand ambassadors. Currently, their brand ambassador is the Gen Z sensation – Ananya Pandey. 

Lakme’s ads have featured a number of Indian actresses, including Lisa Haydon, Mrunal Thakur, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and Shraddha Kapoor. Lakmé’s advertising campaign consistently demonstrates its belief in honouring women of all ages and colours.

In addition to influencer marketing, Lakme maintains an active presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where it shares engaging content, interacts with its followers and showcases its products in a visually appealing and aspirational way. 

The brand’s social media marketing strategies include behind-the-scenes glimpses of product launches, tutorials by beauty experts, and user-generated content featuring Lakme products. By creating a strong online presence and engaging with its audience, Lakme has been able to cultivate a loyal and passionate community of customers.

Marketing Campaigns

Lakme Fashion Week: 

This is a bi-annual event that showcases the latest trends and designs in the fashion industry. Lakme is the title sponsor of the event, which gives it a platform to display its innovation and creativity in launching new products and services. 

During Covid-19, it was conducted virtually yet managed to increase its reach by 40%.

Influencers like Niki Mehra, Sakshi Sindhwani, Parul Gulati and Mohak Narang were featured in the Lakme Fashion Week 2023.

Lakme Salon Show Stopping Bride:

Lakme Salon offers customized beauty services and packages for brides-to-be, along with expert tips and advice from its stylists and makeup artists.

Created in association with Payal Singhal, The Show Stopping Bride collection showcased a refreshing take on modern bridal beauty, which is simplistic, yet sophisticated.

The makeup and hairstyles in the spotlight were dazzling and modern, drawing inspiration from the late medieval and medieval eras. Some stunning looks were reinvented like Queen of Hearts, Maharani of Magic, Princess of Pop, The Sunshine Bride and more.

Unapologetically Me:

Societal beauty standards often try to fit everyone into a stringent set of “must be” while also shaming women for spending time and money on make-up. Challenging these notions, this campaign of Lakme aims to inspire women to embrace their love for fashion and beauty and be fearless about it. It uses a song that is empowering to further strengthen the aim.

These campaigns help Lakme:

  • Enhance the brand image, portraying Lakme as a forward-thinking player in the cosmetics market.
  • Generate organic word-of-mouth marketing and tap into aspirational aspects.
  • Foster brand loyalty and differentiation in the competitive cosmetics market.

Customer engagement strategies

Lakme organizes beauty workshops, makeup masterclasses and beauty festivals to engage with its customers and provide them with personalized experiences. These events not only allow customers to interact with the brand but also serve as a platform for Lakme to gather valuable feedback and insights.

The brand also rewards customer loyalty through its Lakme Salon Loyalty Program, offering exclusive benefits and discounts to its loyal customers. 

Analyzing Lakme’s offline marketing strategies

Lakme has invested in offline marketing strategies like presence in retail stores and beauty salons, and its own Lakme Studios allows it to connect with customers.

Lakme’s offline marketing strategies include in-store promotions, product demonstrations and beauty consultations. These initiatives not only drive sales but also create opportunities for customers to interact with the brand and experience its products firsthand. 

Measuring the success of Lakme’s marketing strategies

To assess the effectiveness of its marketing strategies, Lakme employs various metrics and analytics tools. 

It tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) like:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Website Traffic
  • Sales Figures 

Along with it, to gather feedback and insights from its target audience, Lakme also conducts 

  • Market Research
  • Consumer Surveys

This data helps the brand fine-tune its marketing strategies and make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Conclusion: Key takeaways from Lakme’s marketing success

  • Collaborate with influencers to expand the reach and credibility of your business.
  • Differentiate your price to meet the demands of different types of customers.
  • Leverage social media to interact with the public.
  • Take a bold stand in marketing campaigns.
  • Sponsor events to build brand authority and expand your audience.

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